NFT 2.0 — The Next Wave of NFT Tech

What is NFT 2.0?

How NFT 2.0 Is Different From The Archetype NFTs?

What Makes NFT 2.0 a Better Technology?

  • Nested NFTs — The NFT 2.0 has introduced a new feature called Nested NFTs. This Nesting feature enables the NFT to own several other NFTs. These Nested NFTs will come in handy gaming industry as it makes it easy for the token holder to own the rights over several digital assets in the form of non-fungible tokens.
  • Customized NFTs — Unlike in the NFT 1.0, the customized NFTs of NFT 2.0 not only supports the use cases such buying and selling on exchange platforms but also allows each NFTs to have a multi-faceted ability thus supporting various use cases and applications.
  • Rental NFTs — NFT 2.0 offers the ability to lease a particular digital asset through customizable smart contracts. This helps involve the users with a fund deficit problem to own their desired asset.
  • Smart NFTs — In NFT 2.0, the NFTs can be linked to the upgradable smart contracts thus enabling these NFTs to automatically alter the ownership data whenever required. This feature also ensures that the original owner of the specific asset can get a royalty share every time that asset has been sold.
  • Co-Owned NFTs — In this NFT 2.0 version, instead of spending a hefty price to own an NFT, multiple users can own a stake in any NFT they desire to buy. This NFT Staking can help the user generate a passive income and also by having multiple owners for a single NFT, the value of that specific asset improves.
  • DAO NFTs — NFT 2.0 is more likely to offer DAO NFTs thus offering power to each and every user within the same platform. This distributed decision-making system brings more transparency in the NFT platforms.

Final Thoughts




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